Richard and Liz Yorkshire trip p7

2013-06-12  Grey day with a couple of light showers and lingering drizzle meant a lazy start with newspaper, sudoku and coffee. Took a walk to the  nearby beck and followed the footpath up through woods carpeted in flowering borrage to the gill foss near the village of Helm. After lunch cycled up the road towards Muker, a 1.6 mile 25% climb. Just me, the sheep, the curlews and the peewits.



5 thoughts on “Richard and Liz Yorkshire trip p7

  1. Hi Walters,

    Great photos and really good to hear about your travels – altough some of the terminology has me confused e.g. what is “the nearby beck” you took a walk to??? Jesan

    • Hi Jean, A beck is a small stream, it’s a north country term not used in the south of England or northwards in Scotland. Think of fairly quick running fresh water tumbling through a rock strewn channel towards a river. Usually smaller than an Aussie creek and always with water in it! One day, when you come over on a walking holiday, I’ll show you some.

  2. Just relaxing with a cuppa and enjoying your commentary and wonderful pictures. You certainly have the photographers eye! Makes me want to try harder to send some Aussie photos from the Great Ocean Rd as competition. haHa

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