Richard and Liz Yorkshire trip p6


2013-06-10 Today went to Hardraw Force and then Hawes for Liz to satisfy her need to window shop and bought some Wensleydale cheese from the Creamery and a print by a local artist. I had the bike out again for a cycle ride to Bolton Castle and back. In the evening met up with an ex-student buddy last seen in 1967 at the Southampton College of Knowledge (aka University School of Navigation). Enjoyed a pint of Black Sheep bitter at the George and Dragon in Aysgarth – see picture on FB.

2013-06-11 Another dry though cloudy day found us driving to Richmond and taking lunch at the market there. Later I looked around the amazing twelfth century castle while Liz took in some more window shopping. In the afternoon we drove along the winding Swaledale road from Richmond to the village of Muker ( name derived from the Viking mjor-aker  which means ‘small farm’.) much evidence in this region of the Norse invasion, not to say the visitation by the Normans. The marauding Scots have not really left their mark except in the attitude of the locals!


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