Richard and Liz Yorkshire trip p5

image2013-06-09 rain shower in the night but anther fine and mainly sunny day. Drove to Ripon to meet friends for lunch, stopping for coffee at Jervaulx Abbey on the way. We all met in the Market Place and after a look around Ripon Cathedral we had a meal at the Royal Oak. Four of us had English, Liz had a risotto. Had a look around the old courtroom, well preserved and with great displays and information about the law in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. People of seven years and up were considered “adult” and should know right from wrong. Some children were transported to Australia for seven and fourteen years. A very harsh regime! How lucky that we were born too late for all that stuff. Thrashings in the market square were common place; a cat o’nine tails with lead pellets on the thongs (to ensure laceration of the back) was on display. Shouting abuse at a wakeman ensured a sentence of twenty-four hours in the stocks with the public being at liberty to throw horse muck at the offender.

On the way back to Askrigg took the longer route through Pateley Bridge, Grassington and Kettlewell, probably the most beautiful and spectacular drive I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. Well, there are some nice places elsewhere but this part of the world is extra special I reckon.

Today’s snap taken on an evening bike ride near Hardraw.


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